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As an Integral part of Maritzburg Sports Injury Centre, we have been able to settle into a professional setting with a multitude of medical practitioners. Within this setting, we can contribute Strength and Conditioning coaching, Sports Massage therapy and Group Regeneration Classes.




Below you can find an extensive list of additional services offered.


Strength and Conditioning Coach

As a certified strength and conditioning coach, Gareth has vast experience coaching several athletes from various backgrounds including runners, paddlers and a number of team sports. Situated in Maritzburg Sports Injury Centre, we have access to a well-established gym facility with all the necessary equipment to maximize S&C programming. In this facility, Gareth can manage a wide range of athletes in either individual or small group scenarios for a personalized S&C focus.


Sports Massage




Active Regeneration Group Classes

Since several Athletes are either strapped for time and/or financially, we have developed a Sports Specific regeneration session that run various days and times a week. It is imperative as athletes that we have a routine that focusses on the restoration of breathing, nervous system stimulation and mobility. It is through these classes that we introduce key mechanisms that create a down-regulated athlete that can successfully manage lifestyle and exercise stresses that is critical in our pillars of health approach.

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