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Activ8 Performance is a functional fit gym proudly developed by Gareth Ford and Shannon Watkins. Health and Wellness is an integral part of the partners lifestyles as an avid runner and CrossFiter, respectively. Gareth and Shannon have both been in the health and fitness industry for several years as well as travelling far and wide together. Their experience as athletes in their respective sports have created individuals who have experienced multiple methods of training, nutritional directives, and lifestyle choices. The experiences and passion to develop and share their education is paramount to the way they live their lives. 


Shannon is a certified Personal Trainer and CrossFit trainer who thoroughly enjoys the community aspect of functional fit gyms and broadly brings a wide range of expertise from several other training methodologies

Gareth operates his own Biokineticist practice and has a passion to coach endurance athletes but specifically runners where a blend for a passion in physiology and biomechanics is found.

Shannon and Gareth are extremely passionate about educating themselves on movement patterns, understanding the pillars of health and trying to implement these aspects into our life to develop the best possible performance outcomes whether training for the next event or simply developing our health.

Activ8 Performance our lifetime fitness facility is situated on a picturesque farm, inside an old mushroom tunnel and provides everything you need when aiming to make health and/or performance a priority. We aim to make a lasting impact on the community around us and help each individual become a robust athlete. This may be to run a personal best 5km, fix the mechanics of a squat or to get off the couch with ease. Health is performance at whichever level you are focussed upon. We have various interests and skills to get you there but ultimately want to develop an environment where giving you the skills and education does it in the best possible way. Sustainably. We are inclusive of every person and their fitness journey. We will take this journey with you, with professionalism and pride.  Our training methodology in the group sessions is Functional fitness with aspects of mobility, strength/skills work and an endurance piece dominating most daily sessions. We have partnered up with a WORLD CLASS team, NCFIT to give you the best workouts day in and day out. 





Functional fitness gym providing professional and personal, athletic coaching and conditioning.

Meet The Team


Shannon Watkins

Shannon has always been fascinated by the human body, having played hockey since the age of 7 right through to her 20’s at provincial level but not limited to other sports such as swimming, modern dancing, mountain biking and athletics.  This led her to study a diploma in exercise science , with a focus on sports conditioning and sports specific programming from Health and fitness professional Association .

She was then employed at the local gym in Howick as a personal...

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Personal Trainer

Level 1 Crossfit Trainer (Dublin, Ireland)

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Activ8 Endurance is owned and operated by Gareth Ford. As a student, Gareth went to University at both the University of Stellenbosch and the Western Cape. It was here that he qualified as a Biokineticist with an intrinsic fascination in sports performance and specifically injury reduction from correct exercise prescription.

As a professional, he started his career...

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BA Sport Science

(Stellenbosch University)

BA (Hons) Biokinetics

(University of the Western Cape)

Certified Running Coach

(United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy)

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

(National Strength and Conditioning Association)


Personal Best Running Achievements:

  • 5KM Time Trial: 16:30min

  • 10 KM: 34:30 (2020 Barcelona Half Marathon)

  • Half Marathon: 1:14:09 (2020 Barcelona Half Marathon)

  • Marathon: 2:44:10 (2019 Florence Marathon)

  • Ultra-Marathon: 07:53:03 (2015 Comrades Marathon)

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